About Us

For over 25 years, our design house has been at the forefront of the Central Wisconsin Design Industry, altering, rebuilding vintage gowns and designing breathtaking dream dresses to fit and flatter every figure.  Our gowns have graced figures at the Miss Wisconsin Pageant for twenty years.

Meet Our Lead Design and Production Team

Dave Alban, owner and visionary.   Dave’s skill creativity and talent make him a sought after seminar instructor and teacher in sewing technique and skill; Dave’s creativity earned him a place on the Miss Wisconsin Pageant Committee. 
Meg Burns, lead designer and manager.  Meg was fifteen and “job shadowing” at Alban, Ltd.  when her passion for design – and her talent - caught Dave’s attention.  With his encouragement, Meg’s creativity flourished.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in patterns & clothing design and an official place on the Alban Ltd. team.   Meg’s reputation and design style now has design school students interested in “job shadowing” her!

Combined, the team draws on a collective fifty years of experience creating distinct fashions to enhance the unique beauty we all possess.  Our designs have graced numerous fashion show models and enhanced the beauty at the Miss Wisconsin Pageant for twenty years.

Bring us your dream and watch it take form… beautifully.